INEL d.o.o.

Elta program is a powerful tool for optimal design of induction installations especially in the case of multi-stage processes and heat treating of large components such as big rolls when experimental process development would be very laborious, expensive and time consuming. Elta is also very useful for optimal selection of electrical parameters of the converters and oscillating circuits

Franc Mavrič, Director of INEL d.o.o., Slovenia    inel                

Swerea IVF

"Elta is a very useful software for simulation of induction systems.  It gives very quickly the results, which are reliable for practical applications.  I use it not only for electromagnetic-thermal calculations but for a study of quenching processes with furnace heating as well. Elta is also a  great tool for teaching induction. "

Hans Kristoffersen, Senior Project Manager, Swerea IVF, Sweden   inel