Use of the ELTA software for study of electromagnetic and thermal processes in induction heating steel forging lines


This work aims to present simulation techniques for validation and revalidation of induction heating forging lines with approach on the thermal process and focuses on energy optimization through the use of the software 2DELTA-ELectroThermal Analysis.
Presentation contains information of induction heating of steel products, material characteristics, electromagnetic and thermal process in inductors, and simulation technique for optimal design of induction heating lines. 2DELTA is also an effective tool for learning induction heating.
2DELTA software allows users to systematically implement simulations for the induction heating applications for the most commonly geometries used in the forging shops. It is used by manufacturers and users of induction heating systems for thermal and electrical design of the induction heating forging line.
General considerations about use of simulation for validation and optimal design of heating lines are supported with an example of validation of one multi-stage line for heating billets for forging purposes. (Full text)