Preliminary investigation of metal melting in ICF ELTA


Several problems of melting in the induction crucible furnaces are described. A short description of ICF ELTA program for simulation of electromagnetic and thermal parameters in these systems is given. The program was used at the initial stage of the development of new technological processes and the induction crucible furnaces. Preliminary results allowed to find a rational decision of an induction system, the required parameters of a refractory and a power supply. Non-conductive and graphite crucibles of the furnace were compared from electrical and economical points of view.  (Full text)



The problem of edge effect in continuous transfers flux inductor heaters (TFIH) is examined using a new problem oriented program based on a structure of ELTA program. This new program is designed to simulate distribution of power sources and temperature along the width and length of the workpiece in continuous TFIH system. In paper methods of calculation are described and the results of several case studies are presented. Main attention was paid to distribution of the power source and temperature along the width of thin strips from copper, aluminum, stainless steel and ferromagnetic steel.