Control System of Smart HF Power Supply Integrated with ELTA Program


The control system of smart high frequency power supply for induction heating of titanium wire is presented. This system is intended for the use in the developments of FREAL&Co Ltd. A program of numerical calculation ELTA integrated in control system of the induction heating installation is described. ELTA calculates a temperature distribution in a cross-section of a cylindrical load taking into account the parameters exported from the power supply.  (Full text)



The problem of edge effect in continuous transfers flux inductor heaters (TFIH) is examined using a new problem oriented program based on a structure of ELTA program. This new program is designed to simulate distribution of power sources and temperature along the width and length of the workpiece in continuous TFIH system. In paper methods of calculation are described and the results of several case studies are presented. Main attention was paid to distribution of the power source and temperature along the width of thin strips from copper, aluminum, stainless steel and ferromagnetic steel.