Semi-continuous processing

Semi-continuous heating process is the process when the workpieces are moving with determined step of push. 2DELTA can calculate the technological line with one workpiece or two and more workpieces. The second variant is more complicated from technological point of view. The process is non-stationary. 2DELTA provides to investigate the process from initial temperature of all workpieces for example 20 °C to final. In this case parameters of inductors can change sufficiently.

Example 3 is the semi-continuous variant of industrial induction heating line for copper workpieces.

11 workpieces are located inside the 3 phase induction heater. One workpiece is out the inductors on the air. Rate of push is 100 s.

The temperature of each workpiece increases from the first stage of push 100 s to final stage 1200 s. Non-stationary process of heating is finished and you can see the stationary process when the parameters of inductors do not change sufficiently.

2DELTA provides to investigate the process used simultaneously multi frequency power sources, for example 2 frequencies 50 and 150 Hz. In this case the heating sources of workpiece summarize. Example 4 is the semi-continuous variant of two frequencies induction heating line for steel workpieces.