2DELTA (Two Dimensional ELectro-Thermal Analysis) is modelview01a subject oriented program developed to design of induction heating processes and equipment for a cylindrical system. 2DELTA is the best in this field first of all for technological specialists, developers of induction heating equipments and students due to its some advantages.

The main features of this program are:


  • 2DELTA has “Model View”, i.e. the system of geometrical visualization for main elements of technological line, that permits to control the preprocessing;
  • 2DELTA provides the great opportunities for visualization of output parameters in the form of graphs and tables, i.e. the advanced post processing;
  • Program has very friendly user interface;
  • 2DELTA is relatively simple program for understanding and realization; the boundary conditions in the problem of calculating the electrical and thermal parameters can be set automatically;
  • Many typical technological heating lines with simultaneous, non-stationary semi-continuous and continuous  processes can be simulated from start to stationary finish;
  • 2DELTA can simulate the heating process with one, two or three layer induction coils;
  • User may select from many variants of resonant circuits with different schemes of compensation: parallel; parallel with transformer; series; series with transformer; series-parallel; series-parallel with transformer; parallel-series; parallel-series with transformer, etc.;
  • 2DELTA can take into account circuits with series connected induction coils and simultaneously multi frequency power sources for circuits;
  • There is a special cooling diagram: applying the Time-Temperature Transformation curves (thermodynamics or kinetics ZTU-diagram or other types of diagram) to this graph, the user can find the structural transformations in the cross-section of workpiece including the case depth and hardness;
  • 2DELTA has a built-in report with report templates created by users and can export the results in a Word format.

2DELTA program provides a two dimensional simulation of electromagnetic and thermal fields in cylindrical induction heating using both integral and differential numerical methods. A sketch of 2D induction heating system is shown in figure 1.

2DELTA has three main blocks, the user must deal with:

  • Problem description and calculation setup block;
  • Postprocessor;
  • Report.

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